Newest Feature: Aaliyah (Atlanta)



2.)WHAT TYPE OF MAN/WOMAN ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?I’m looking for a sexy strong and finically stable man
And high sex drive 😘
3.)WHO/WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTOTHIS INDUSTRY? I love to get my pictures taken I was inspired by so many great models but my mom believing in my beauty made me want Model
4.)WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER IN YOU EXPERIENCE THE POSITIVE'S/NEGATIVE'S ABOUT THE INDUSTRY YOU'RE IN? positive about the industry meeting all the great positive people who make your photos into art and come to life and of course making money while having fun is always a plus and negative is the negative people of course trying to get over and if u have kids being away from you children or child.
5.)DOES A PERSON HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY TO HAVE A CHANCE WITH YOU? no you don’t have to be a celebrity to get my attention lol I just want someone who is a great guy and normal lol
6.)WHERE DO YOU WANT THIS JOURNEY TO TAKE YOU? I want to turn my Modeling into other great things such as my clothing line I’m working on
7.)WHAT'S IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR YOU? in the future u can look for my clothing line and sexy lingerie and of course still doing dope photo shoots
8.)WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER AND WHY? One my favorite Photogher is Alan @ninneyalanjudge we make magic every time we shoot he captures my best moments
9.)DO YOU FEEL THIS MARKET IS OVER-SATURATED? over saturated ??? Honestly I can’t speak on that because every one is into different things I may not be some ones cup of tea but another person mimosa lol I want say my Great personality and body makes me stand out not too many natural bodies
10.)WHAT ARE YOUR TURN'S AND TURN OFF'S ABOUT A MAN? what turns me on defiantly kissing inner thighs slow and turn off Trying stick your fingers in me “your” not gynecologist.
11.)NOW SEXUALLY, IN YOUR OPINION DOES THE SIZE OF A MAN'S PACKAGE MATTER TO YOU? size of the package matters to me I love a big One and if it’s not medium then u better have a great mouth service
12.)IS IT HARD TO BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE WITH YOUR BUSINESS ONE? no it’s not hard it can get overwhelming at times but just remember hard work pays off
13.)HOW CAN YOUR FANS LINK UP WITH YOU ONLINE? my fans can follow me on ig@jus.aaliyah or myfansonly
14.)WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION? AND WHY? my favorite sexual position is laying on my back it’s relaxing and I can still have control of the situation lol
15.)LIST YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO DATE(MAGS, WEBSITES, VIDEOS ETC;) accomplishments I have been in fynegirls mag, super fly the movie, da rado video, plenty of photo shoots and events
16.)DO YOU PREFER TO WEAR PANTIES, THONGS, BOYSHORTS OR NOTHING AT ALL, AND WHY? I dnt wear underwear unless it’s the unfriendly time of the month
17.)IS THERE ANYTHING YOU LIKE TO SAY BEFORE WE LET YOU GO? I have so many Great projects this year is going be the best just remember my name Aaliyah

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