Newest Feature: Stormi Maya (New York)

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Stormi Maya

1. WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? I am an actress of theater and film, I also work in film production and model. I perform all over New York on stage as an actress and I work as an actress in Indie films and shows.
2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THIS INDUSTRY? I started at age 16, so about 6/7 years. I started acting professionally at age 20, then got into theater.
3. WHO/WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THIS INDUSTRY? No one inspired me to be in the industry, It was a side hustle that became a career. I made money doing shoots and then bigger and bigger gigs
4. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER IN YOUR EXPERIENCE THE POSITIVE'S AND THE NEGATIVE'S ABOUT THE INDUSTRY YOUR IN? There are pros and cons of every industry. The entertainment industry is not for the weak. We work around the clock, not just 9-5, we have to build or brand on our own (which is easier said than done). The casting couch is real and everyone is out for themselves, genuine people is not a common find in this line of work. Being an entertainer is one of the few careers where even with hard work, there are no guarantees. The rewards are making more money than the average person,artistic freedom and adventure.
5. OK, WHAT IS YOUR TRUE ETHINIC BACKGROUND? Irish, Puerto Rican, African American
6. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE SEXIEST PART OF YOUR BODY? My Stomach, Its tight, flat and smooth.
7. DO YOU HAVE A SEXUAL FANTASY? IF "YES" WHAT IS IT? No, If I did I would have fulfilled it.
8. WHAT'S IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR YOU? Making more movies, making them bigger and bigger. As an actor, I dream of Broadway and popular films. I love doing Indie films, But I'd love to do bigger budget films, blockbusters.
9. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER AND WHY? My friend Angel Reigns, her photographer name is VdVerasor, she is also a model.
10. DO YOU FEEL THIS MARKET IS OVER-SATURATED? IF SO, WHAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT FROM THE REST? Not really, only the strong survive and only the consistent make it. Not many stick with it and not many build up, so no...Its oversaturated with amateurs not pros.
11. WHAT ARE YOUR TURN ON'S ABOUT A (MAN/WOMAN) AND TURN OFF'S? I like people who are realistic, down to earth and fun. I cant stand over sensitive people with no sense of humor.
12. SO HOW YOU BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE FROM YOUR BUSINESS ONE? I keep my marriage private and issues we have, a fantasy - to the world I am a free single woman - in real life, I'm a committed wife. My marriage is not a secret, but I keep our issues private. I don't blast photos of us all over, it's not good business - he agrees
14. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION? AND WHY? That's for me to know and you to wonder.
15. HAVE YOU BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE, IF SO WHICH PUBLICATIONS? Playboy Venezuela, Croatia and Slovenia. Always Therro, Model mania Mag, Manic Magazine, Fuse Magazine, Lifestyle for men and Playboy Online, Others as well but I forgot.

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