Newest Feature: Rayshawnna (California)



1.WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? I'm really a cool person goofy, loving sometimes mean just depends on my mood . I loveeee shopping of course lol I have a 3 year old daughter soon to be 4 in August . My favorite food would be soul food honestly but for a snack I'll prefer sushi lol

2.HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THIS INDUSTRY? I've been in this industry close to a year you can say

3.WHO/WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THIS INDUSTRY? My family inspired me to get in this industry only because I've always wanted to model. I was giving up but they pushed me to go for it

4.WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER IN YOUR EXPERIENCE THE POSITIVE'S AND THE NEGATIVE'S ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY YOU'RE IN?the positive about the industry is my photographers it's always laughs and good vibes I'll honestly say there are no negatives

5.OK, WHAT IS YOUR TRUE ETHNIC BACKGROUND? My family's tribe will be black foot lol black and Indian

6.SINCE YOU'RE A "SLIM GOODIE" DO YOU FEEL ALOT MORE OPPORTUNITIES GO TO MORE "THICKER" TYPE WOMEN? Honestly I think it goes both ways I see all shapes and sizes not always thick women

7.WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE SEXIEST PART OF YOUR BODY? My face lorddddd anybody that knows me knows I love my face lol

8.DO YOU HAVE A SEXUAL FANTASY? Honestly yes lol having sex in a beach house by the view with candles lit and slow music playing lmao

9.WHATS IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR YOU? Having my own brand seeing my pictures everywhere being famous for being me lol I love me some me

10.WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER AND WHY? Honestly my favorite photographer will be jalex lol he makes sure I'm doing good and pushes me to meet up with him to shoot lmao he be on my ass but I appreciate that only cause it's needed he's really helping me be successful

11.DO YOU FEEL THIS MARKET IS OVER SATURATED? IF SO WHAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT? I stand out from the rest honestly cause IM ME lmao you can't find no other me period through whatever a friendship , relationship etc

12.WHAT IS YOUR TURN ON ABOUT A MAN? A turn on in a man will be a fresh cut lmaooo and when he's fine and smart as hell thats a double turn on also hood but soft lol

13.SO HOW DO YOU BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE FROM YOUR BUSINESS ONE? I honestly just take it day by day I don't stress myself or honestly I'll have everything I have to do written down in a calendar so I'll be prepared when the days come

14.WHATS YOUR BOOKING INFO, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM ETC? Booking insta- blasian_queen44 Facebook- ling woods

15.WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION? AND WHY? My favorite sexual position will be from the front lmaooo only because I wanna see all facial expressions

16.HAVE YOU BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE? IF SO WHICH PUBLICATIONS? Yes I have for the one and only sokoldmagazine

17.DO YOU PREFER TO WEAR PANTIES, THONGS, BOYSHORTS OR NOTHING AT ALL? I prefer to wear thongs it's strange but honestly they're way more comfortable to me or I'll wear nothing at all

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