Ahmazin aka Spoil Me with Royalty first came into our presence in 2015 by being featured in our SO KOLD MAG 5, which she dominated her shoot with known photographer ALCOLE. Since that issue, her presence on her social  media pages, beautiful smile, and cool down to earth attitude, plus a fantastic sense of humor.....and did I mention she has the brains and a kold ass body to match....which is definitely why she's one of our KOLD DOLLS. She's available for: Music Videos, Films and Short Stories, Cover spreads for Magazines, Fashion Shows, Commercial print ads...serious inquires only. Please leave a detailed description on the project you want her to feature in by emailing us:

lovable (4).jpg


Well this beauty right here has been with the whole SO KOLD movement since April 2013 and hasn't left why wouldn't she be one of our KOLD DOLLS. Lovable has been featured in over 5 of our SO KOLD MAG ISSUES, Made Cover of our most recent (SO KOLD MAG - BEAUTIES & BUBBLES issue) OUT NOW. She has also blazed our "2016 SO KOLD EXOTICA CALENDAR" COVER and has done many of our apparel shoots recently. Lovable is available for: Music videos, Films and Short Plays, Cover Spreads for Magazines, Commercial and Print ads, Fashion and Runway shows. For all serious inquires on booking her send detailed descriptions to:

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Well now let me Introduce yall to the "Live" wire of the Kold Dolls. Mulah aka my lil firecracker. Mulah came to the SO KOLD CAMP a little over 2 years ago and she's accomplished so much with us in that short time. Already blazed her first cover with us (SO KOLD MAG - BLACK PROJECT) and doubled back with a feature in "THE WET EDITION" and will be grazing the pages of our upcoming issues ( SO KOLD MAG 11/JULY 2018 and our BIKINIS AND SWIMSUIT EDITION/AUGUST 2018). Not only is she a hype person of any project shes involved in, but she has a great personality done to earth, follows directions very well, and of course she's a beauty with a pretty smile you definitely cant forget. She's available for Movie/Short Film features, Music Videos, Public Appearances, Club Hosting, Magazine Cover and Inside features, Print/Commercial ad. All serious inquires leave a message on our message board.