Newst Feature: Tiffany SGZ ( Montreal, Canada )


Tiffany SGZ

1. LETS BEGIN WITH SOME BASIC BIOGRAPHICAL INFO, LIKE YOUR NAME, MEASUREMENTS, ETHNICITY,ETC? My name is Tiffany. I’m 24 years old . I am born & raised in Montreal,Canada. My ethnicity is Cambodian. I speak 3 languages french , English & Khmer.

2. WHAT TYPE OF MAN/WOMAN ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? I’m looking for a man who’s got his things together , tall, good looking and sense of style, got his own money , place & car , can cook , ambitious, mature , well spoke , patient, honest, smart , funny and can understand me.

3. WHO/WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THIS INDUSTRY? I like the fact that I am freelance meaning I am my own boss and do my own schedule. Also making fast money.

5. DOES A PERSON HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY TO HAVE A CHANCE WITH YOU OR A REGULAR PERSON IS FINE? The only celebrity that I want it’s moneybagg yo ( rapper) lol. Tbh no, for me the most important thing is the vibe between me and a man. If I’m not comfortable with him and we don’t connect. Then I don’t want him.

6. DESCRIBE YOURSELF SEXUALLY? I am experienced. I go with the flow. I’m open minded with a dude that I am in relationship. I like it slow and rough depend my mood. I like being dominant and also submissive. I'm the perfect mix of sugar and spice.

7. WHERE DO YOU WANT THIS JOURNEY TO TAKE YOU? Well I want to build up my name , have collaboration , serious business bout photoshoot, clothes lines, makeup! But also I want to build my own business in 1-2 years.

8. SO “2019” IS HERE, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THIS NEW YEAR? I really want to travel this year , explore new things ( life experience, learn new things) , get a new place, making a lot of money, I want to build my image & expand my brand . Get paid for serious inquires.

9. WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO YOU WHEN BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP? Communication, trust , honesty, respect , loyalty, compromises, happiness, safety , independence , patnership , supportive, open mind and love the presence of each other.

10. WHEN BEING APPROACHED BY A MAN/WOMAN, WHAT’S THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE AS THEY’RE COMING TOWARDS YOU? His style is the first thing I notice I need my man to dress well so we can be fly together.

11. WHAT ARE YOUR TURN ON'S ABOUT A (MAN/WOMAN) AND TURN OFF'S? Turn on: Got a job & own money & own place & car , good personality , smile , support you , have confident, dress well , respectful , well spoke , good sense of humor , a tall dude, good taste in music and food, close to his family. Turn off: Always lying/cheating , cocky, lazy , selfish , rude, don’t got a job ,always chilling/clubbing , a dude who’s flirting ,liking pics , adding or following too much girls on social , don’t got goals , smoking cigarettes or take drugs and Insecure.

12. NOW SEXUALLY, IN YOUR OPINION DOES THE SIZE OF A MAN’S PACKAGE MATTER TO YOU? WHY? Yes it do matter to me, I need to be satisfied in bed, but I dont like small or too big. I like average & thick lol.

13. IS IT HARD FOR YOU TO BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE FROM YOUR BUSINESS ONE? Yes it’s hard cuz some people will not get your lifestyle , you will lost a lot friends. It’s hard for love too. Me right now I don’t want love. I’m really focus to reach all my goals & I’m in my bag before settle down with someone and having kids. I’m still young and got a lot to experience.

14. HOW CAN YOUR FANS LINK UP WITH YOU ONLINE? Instagram : tiffany_sgz



16. DO YOU PREFER TO WEAR PANTIES, THONGS, BOYSHORTS OR NOTHING AT ALL, AND WHY? All of em lol. It’s depend of my mood and the moment. 😂


Doggystyle. In this position u feel more the dick lol.

18. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU LIKE TO SAY BEFORE WE LET YOU GO? I hope you guys enjoyed this interview and maybe you be interested to follow my journey and see me grown in the future. Xox Kisses & hugs

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