Newest Feature: Sydney (Las Vegas)

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Sydney West is my name . Idk my measurements I’m 5’4 & 122lbs. I am black Spanish and French I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. I’m not looking for a man or woman at the moment I’m enjoying life being single and trying to focus on myself and my career. I mean if someone amazing happens to find me along the way I’m not opposed to that. I’ve always seen models and always loved taking pictures so as I got older I got into dancing actually then I got introduced to modeling through making connections in that industry. Celebrities are regular people haha I just prefer regular people who still have their sanity. Sexually I would describe myself as a nympho I defiantly enjoy indulging in a delicious time. I want this journey to take me to success. I just want to be able to take care of my family and give back to those who have always supported and loved me. I’m the future you can expect to see me in more music videos and published more. My journey has only just begun. The most important things to me in a relationship are honesty , respect, communication and understanding.

The first thing I notice when someone is approaching me is their body language. An unfifiled fanatasy of mine would be to join the mile high club. Yes size matters ! Sorry not sorry. Go big or go home . Honestly will friend zone a guy so quick if his thing is too small. It matters because I like pleasure when I have sex and if you’re thing is small it’s not gonna put any motion in my ocean and that’s a problem. I’m trynna drown you not dry up like the desert . It’s not hard to balance work and my personal life because I’m single and I have no kids I just have two dogs to take care of . I mean I do wish I got to see my family more but they understand . My fans can link up with me by following my Instagram @sadity_syd or booking me for events @ (business inquires only ) I’ve done a few photo shoots so far and I’ve done two music videos one was Gmac SNN and the other was for taxxin. This is my first publication actually I will be doing a publishing shoot in December and booking some more videos so stay tuned . I sleep naked because I get super hot when I sleep And I love being naked anyways . I think body shaming is ridiculous. Let people live and express themselves how they want to . No one has the right to judge someone else for what they are doing like get a life . All I have to say is Pay attention to the business that pays you ! I love my nose actually haha and how small my waist is I have a perfect hour glass figure

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